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I just thought I would drop you a line to tell how happy we are to be with Menu Master. Over the years our restaurant has found it difficult and extremely expensive to market to the Hotel trade. There have been numerous medias that promise to deliver our message to the traveler but until you came along no one has the formula. Your publication is the next best thing to bringing the hotel guest to our front door, it gives them a chance to see photos of the restaurant, check out the menu selections, of course decide whether the price is in line with their budget, and review information such as hours of operation, party and banquet availability. Being an Independent Restaurant does not allow us to use the advertising power of the chains, we therefore must look for the most effective avenues for the most affordable price. Thanks again for all you do. Sincerely yours, Nick Castronova


I wish to tell you how helpful the book has been not only to me but also the Regency Club attendants, Bellstand, Focus Lounge Bar and to the Front desk staff. We keep this book always close by, because it not only shows our guests menus and information on each specific restaurant but it also gives us marvelous colorful photographs of each of the places. The book makes it easier for us to communicate to our guests, the beautiful places we would like them to enjoy in Rochester during their stay, and the variety of options each restaurant offers. The restaurant guides helps me give quality service to our guests with quality work that exceeds my expectations and the guests. Thank You!!!!! - Brenda J. Davila, Concierge and Meeting Concierge


"Excellent Restaurants and Service"
- L.C. / Greensburg P.A.
"I really think it was a good idea to showcase the restaurants in the area."
- M.D. / Buffalo N.Y.
"Book is informative and eye pleasing."
- J.S. / Liverpool NY
"Great idea! Lots of good places."
- K.S. / Cobourg Cananda
"It is a great guide to look at as far as choosing a good place to eat."
- J.B. / Albany, NY
"Both the restaurants I visited were excellent and I never would have found them if it wasn't for your great guide!"
- B.G. / Buffalo NY
"Very helpful guide- I've written down 5 or 6 I'd like to try next time" S.S / Olean, NY "I come to Buffalo, my wife's hometown, often, on business and for pleasure. It's always worth my while and I find your guide very helpful."
- W.M / Buffalo, NY
"Wonderful restaurants, thank you"
- SS / Toronto Canada
"Excellent recommendations, great food!"
- L.S. / Toronto Canada
"Enjoyed all the restaurants and it was great to see the menus before going."
- T.G. / Buffalo, NY
"Enjoyed reading your guide: helpful and informative."
- C.J. / East Aurora, NY